“The secret garden”

Yes, the literary reference is to Jules Verne,who was born here, and when you sit in your wonderful room you can easily dream to be inside the Nautilus, or in the study of Professor Otto Lidenbrok or at the Reform Club with Phileas Fogg. But the first feeling, once you cross the little door and suddenly discover the beautiful secret garden inside, with its flowers in bloom and its trees and lawns and roses on your doorstep, is Frances Hodgson Burnett. This is the place to stay when you are in Nantes: A great place run by great people, who chose this strange beautiful house in the lovely village of Vertou, decorated it with great fantasy taste and love and opened it to people, making them feel welcome and pampered. Fantastic breakfast in the glasshouse, with hot bread and croissants and cakes, homemade jams and a selection of honeys. And a short walk along a country dirt road will take you to the idyllic riverside, on the Sevre, where you'll find a couple of fine restaurants.

Absolutely recommended!